Our Patriot Ancestors

JMA Chapter Member Ancestors  

These patriots supported the Revolutionary War effort in many different ways, risking their lives and sacrificing their fortunes. We are proud of each and every one of them.



John Bacher, PA, PS

James Baker, NY, PVT

Elisha Barlett, MA & VT, PVT

John Berry, PA, SGT

John Bickel, PA, PVT

Tobias Bickel, PA, PVT

John Botts, VA, PS

Daniel Bowsher, PA, PS

John Boyd, MD, PVT

Reuben Brainerd, NY, SGT

Ludwig Bretz, PA, SGT PS

Jacob Bull, NC, PS

John Burnham, MA, MAJ

Jedediah Case, CT, PVT

Stephen Cawood, MD, PVT

John Cobleigh, NH, PS

Abner Cooley, MA, PVT

James Cornett, VA, SOL

John Cranmer, NJ, PVT

Stephen Cushing, MA, PVT

Josiah Dodge, MA, PVT

John Evans, NJ, PVT

Thomas Fell, PA, PVT PS

James Lazel Flint, CT, SGT

James Flowers, VA, PVT

Henry Fuller, NC, PS

Adam George, PA, PVT

Elizabeth Gilmore, PA, PVT

Christian Groover, PA, PS

Nicholas W. Grosbeck, NY, PVT

John Albrecht Gruber, PA, PVT

Moses Guest, NC, CAPT

John Harper Jr., NY, COL

Anthony Earnes Hatch, MA, SGT

David Heinly, PA, PS

Evan James, MD, PS

James Jameson, VA, LT PS

Jacob Katterman, PA, PS

John Weyrick Katterman, PA, PVT

Thomas Kinsey, PA, PS

Phillip Klein, PA, PVT

Henry Knobb, PA, PS

John Knowles, PA, PVT PS

Samuel Lee, PA, PS

Jacob Livingood, PA, CAPT

Peter Livingood, PA, SOL

Isaac Martin, NJ, PVT

George Means, VA, PVT

Enos Mead, CT, CPL

John Miller, MA, LT

Michael Motz, PA, CAPT

Jonathan Parkhurst, CT, PVT

Jonathan Phillips, PA, PVT

John Proctor, VA, PVT

Moses Sample, VA, CS

Samuel Sands, PA, CAPT

William Scutt Jr., NY, PVT

Valentine Sevier, NC, MAJ CS

John Smith, CT, PVT PS

William Smith, VA, PS

Joseph Spalding, CT, SGT

Christopher Sunday, PA, PVT

George Stocking 2nd, CT, SGT

Abraham Swain, NJ, PVT

Seth Trowbridge, MA, PVT

William Turner, VA, PVT

Moses Walker, NC, PVT CS

Ralph Williams, NC, CAPT

Issac Wilson, VT, SGT

Nehemiah Wood, VA, PVT

Benjamin Woodbridge Jr., MA, STAFFOF

Adam Georg/Yearick, PA, PVT

John George Zoller, PA, PS

Christian Zerbe, PA, PS

Johann Japhet Zerbe, PA, PS


CAPT — Captain

COL — Colonel

CPL — Corporal 

CS — Civil Service

ENS — Ensign 

LT — Lieutenant

1LT — First Lieutenant

MAJ — Major 

NONCOM — Non-commissioned Officer

PS — Patriotic Service 

PVT — Private 

SGT — Sergeant 

SOL — Soldier 

STAFFOF – Staff Officer